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quilts in metal



In 2008, while travelling around Massachusetts and Vermont, I noticed all the closed factories and the implied loss of jobs and income.  At the same time, there were signs in yards reading, "Quilts for sale", a different source of income.  The dichotomy sparked the idea of combining the "masculine" industrial waste material that I had collected with the "feminine" art of quilting.


Using shapes of automotive scrap, shed tin, gutters, advertising signs, and other found material, cut by hand, punched with a drill press and sewn with assorted wires in various quilting stitches, I recycle waste material into quilts.  Although some of the patterns are free-form, I mainly use traditional quilt patterns such as Tumbling Blocks, Star, Pyramid, and Chinese Coins or base the designs on patterns from historic tiled floors.  The colors used in each quilt depend on what I have collected, so most quilts, as they progress, take on their own character.

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